Recycling at its best – Kantha Silk Scarves

October 24, 2016 1 Comment


Today I am writing about our new range of Kantha Silk Scarves perfect to layer up and feel stylish all year round.

Before I tell you how these beautiful scarves are made and all other related details…. Let me share my childhood memories about what my mum and the other neighborhood mommies did with their old saris.

My mum used to trade old saris for the new shiny stainless steel cooking pots & pans and other steel utensils may be once or twice a year. There was this guy who used to come in our apartment block with a basket on his head loaded with brand new pots & pans. All the mommies in the apartment block would gather at one of the homes and trade for their old saris.

I always wondered what would the old saris be used for, well I know now, it has multiple uses like cushion covers, scarves, quilts, coasters, clothing, handbags, jewellery etc. The creative minds surely find the use for the fabrics.

Our Silk Kantha scarves are handmade from 100% upcycled vintage silk saris. They are combination of recycled two layers of separate sari fabric, with fabulous complementary and contrasting colours. These layers are stitched together with bold and popping coloured cotton threads using kantha stitch, making a striped pattern. The scarves have a unique texture due to the rich, rippling effect emerging from the kantha stitch across the fabric. 

These scarves are hand made in India by women artisans who have the skills handed down to them from generations.

Each piece is unique, one of a kind. It is wrinkle free, fully reversible and has a luxurious feel and distinct feminine appeal. These scarves are perfect all year round. You can view the collection of scarves here.

Kantha silk scarf at The Hues of India

Other than using these as scarves, due to its generous size, these can also be used as table runner or layered up at the end of the bed for a pop of colour. We recommend hand wash with mild detergent. 

Image - Scarf used as table runner  


Image - Scarf layered at the end of the bed to add a pop of colour and warmth.

All our Kantha Silk Scarves are a beautiful result of sustainable upcycled fabric and materials. Hence using these products not only helps people but also encourages the nature lover in you to make contribution to a greener world. We are all about promoting sustainability while keeping up with current trends and styles using traditional skills and techniques.

So the recycling breathes a new life to old.

Happy Shopping!!

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November 20, 2016

Hi…. Your writeups took me back to old days when mom would make us scared n stoles out of her pure silk handsome, hand Block printed sarees. We always loved that silk and those scarves. Never have thought of any other beautiful idea of upcycling the silks. I am very happy to see you promoted that ancient art of upcycling in most aesthetic manner. Loved all of your selection. A brilliant idea in making the would greener. Wish you all the best.

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