Believe in re-incarnation……….

February 20, 2015

Welcome you…

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.

This is my first attempt at writing. I always wanted to write, but just did'nt know how and where to start. But today I decided and let's see how I go……. fingers crossed xxx

Not long ago I started my online store, which led to participating in weekend markets. Oh yay, I did it, very nervous and excited at the same time. It has been an amazing experience.

I have had people visit my stall from all different walks of life. Mothers looking to buy quilts for their daughters. Daughters looking to buy handbags for their mothers. Each and every one wanting something for others. Amazed and happy to see all the relationships.

Some people walked to the stall, as they just wanted to share their experiences with me about their recent or long in the past travels to India. I source all my products from India, so people just came over and shared their stories. They said things like how much they loved Indian fabric, food, culture, places etc. I had never even thought that I would be so privileged to meet people who would like to share their travel and adventure stories.

A big Greek family with mum, dad, daughters, sons, grandma, nephews and aunts all visited the stall. And while everyone was browsing through the products, the grandma was touching and feeling the cotton fabric of the quilts. She looked at all of them one by one and while the rest of the family members left, she kept admiring. And then she told me something in Greek; I was not able to understand. But surely made me smile, when she showed the gesture of “Thumbs Up”!! So despite of language barrier or no common language we communicated with sign language. I was over whelmed!!

And above all I had a lady come to the stall and said to me that she loves all the Indian things. She said “ I don’t know whether you believe in re-incarnation or not. But I feel I was Indian in my past life.” I cannot forget those words…….

Weekend market has given me many memorable experiences and chances to meet beautiful people with beautiful hearts.

And here ….I just wrote my first blog.


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