The Hues of India
"The Hues of India" as the name suggests brings bright bold and beautiful colours to your life. We are an Australian online store, showcasing the various colours from different regions of India. We bring to you  hand made home decor items that are inspired by bohemian creativity for a lavish lifestyle at affordable prices. We are all about promoting sustainability while keeping up with current trends and styles using traditional skills and techniques.

All our products are hand made articles sourced from different regions of India, created by artisans who have the skills handed down to them from generations.

This hand picked collection gives you the choice of high quality, one of a kind, luxurious items for everyday living. Be it living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining, outdoor or personal fashion we have artistic taste to suit everyone.

We hope that you will love our products.


Recycling at its best – Kantha Silk Scarves

October 24, 2016

Hello, Today I am writing about our new range of Kantha Silk Scarves perfect to layer up and feel stylish all year round. Before I tell you how these beautiful scarves are made and all other related details…. Let me share my childhood memories about what my mum and the other neighborhood mommies did with their old saris. My mum used to trade old saris for the new shiny stainless steel cooking pots & pans and other steel utensils may be once or twice a year. There was this guy who used to come in our apartment block with a basket on his head loaded with brand new pots & pans. All the mommies in the apartment block would gather... Continue Reading →

MANDALA – Circle of life

June 03, 2016

Here I am today attempting to understand the meaning of “mandala”. When I was studying in year 5/6, I had been on a vacation to Jaipur, Rajasthan in India with my parents and my lovely twin sister and naughty little brother. I remember seeing these beautiful and colourful intricate patterned bed sheets hung in the balconies on clothesline. Today I know these are called “Mandala “. As I source these beautiful fabric mandala designs, for my homewares online store, from India, which can be used as tapestry, bed sheets, throws, blankets, picnic rugs, table cloth etc. You can view the collection here. I am in love with these designs, patterns and colours they bring bohemian flare to any interior space. Image... Continue Reading →

Inside Job

February 23, 2016

Its been more than a year since I wrote my first blog . Ever since I have felt like writing…….. I have jotted points on several topics and even clicked pictures, thinking I would write about this experience, or that recipe, my adventure and travel stories, DIY etc. but I have done, none of it yet. So today I thought let me take a pen and paper and start writing whatever comes to my mind. I am pleased I did that instead of jotting points in notes on my phone or word document on my PC. I really liked writing but at the same time I seriously struggled with the actual physical activity of writing ……. We have become slaves of Smart... Continue Reading →


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